I have worked with Frank and Appraisal Quest for approximately 14 years. In that time, Appraisal Quest has done over 500 appraisals for me and my staff. I consider Frank and Appraisal Quest ethical, professional and service oriented appraisers. Their quick service and professionalism has allowed me to increase my business and build a larger client base. Appraisal Quest is an assest to my team and I would recommend them to anyone.

Jim Shields, Senior Loan Officer

Mortgage America, Inc.


I have been conducting business with Frank and Appraisal Quest for several years. Frank and his company offer the most professional, efficient, and timely appraisal work of any company that I am aware of. The quality of work offered by Appraisal Quest distinguishes it as a leader in its field, to the credit of Mr. Phifer and his tireless efforts to provide exceptional service.

Robert J. Ross, Chairman and CEO

First Rate Mortgage Group


Mr. Phifer and Appraisal Quest have set themselves apart from the "other" appraisers with their professional, efficient, and prompt services which they lend to their clientel. There has never been a problem or a delay for appraisal items when they are involved. With Mr. Phifer and Appraisal Quest on our team, they have made it easy for us to succeed and meet our goals, and even surpass them.

Monica "Mortgage" Palatano, Senior Loan Officer

Cendant Mortgage


Frank and Appraisal Quest have been conducting both conventional and FHA appraisals for Philadelphia Financial since our inception. We are completely satisfied with the quality of his work and also with the service provided by Frank and his company.

John J. Crits, Vice President

Philadelphia Financial Mortgage